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Top Things To Do - Byron Bay

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Relax and unwind among the beauty of Byron and feel the freedom around you.

Byron Bay certainly needs no introduction, and it has been a favourite for travel-lovers particularly this year to escape the city life but also to get away from the virus & pandemic conversations that have plagued 2020 & 2021- it really is a different way of life up there. I like to call it the good life!

The Air B&B we stayed at was a laid-back "Beach Shed' with a fire-pit, a hammock, and was simply full of rustic charm! Here you will find it's link AirB&B. With complimentary bikes for hire we cycled into town each day which took approx. 10 mins, or a steady 20/25 minute walk.

The host was very warm, friendly and welcoming and provided us with a great tips to explore Little Wategos Beach and swim in the stunning rock pools.

Fave Breakfast Spots

  • Roadhouse Byron Bay

  • Byron General Store

  • The Avocado Hut

  • Three Blue Ducks

  • Byron Bay Top Shop

Fave Bars/Restaurants

  • Miss Margarita

  • The Loft Byron Bay

  • Balcony Bar

  • The Mez Club

  • Bang Bang

The beaches are incredible, the vibe is just infectious and the lack of traffic jams with the sound of beeping horns is enviable!

If you are fond of a cycle, I recommend cycling out of town to visit The Farm Byron Bay and feel the breeze in your hair and the calmness around you! We stopped off at Stone & Wood also on the way home they are so close to each other its worth a visit to both! Catching the spectacular sunrise at the Lighthouse is also a must on the To-Do List in Byron. You'll find yourself on the most easterly point of Australia! It's worth the early, dark alarm as you set off then to chase the sun coming up on the horizon.

We decided not to rent a car, as we were staying close enough to the town and most things are within close proximity to each other such as shops, bars, cafes, main beach! If you do have a car though there is a lot more to explore in the outskirts such as waterfalls, a trip to Nimbin and the next time I visit - I would love to get around the coast more.

I only spent a short time up there celebrating my birthday last year in Byron and I didn't want to leave. I know I know, returning to Coogee Beach isn't that bad at all, however this holiday-region in Northern NSW will have you wanting more & more!

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