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5 Hidden Sydney Beaches

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

We all know of the famous beaches across our beautiful coastline, however I wanted to share some little gems dotted around the harbour that you may not have stumbled upon just yet!

1. Chinamans Beach – Mosman

Although I am an Eastern Suburbs local (kind-of), my first and foremost goes to a North Shore favourite. Chinamans beach, that type of beach where you look down from the view above and wonder, ‘Am I in Thailand or Sydney” It is secluded, quieter and not far from the city – a 20-minute drive north of the Harbour Bridge. This is also accessible by public transport getting off on the Spit road. Expect to see an Ice-Lolly man on a boat rock up to shore on those hot days to quench your thirst!

2. Milk Beach – Vaucluse

Also an ideal spot to watch the NYE fireworks this place is great to relax and admire the views of the city in the distance, watch the ferries pass by and this is also a pit-stop on the Hermitage Foreshore Walk (another Sydney must-do). It’s calming waters allows you to go for a little dip in the water and take pictures capturing the sand at your feet - but with the iconic Opera House as a backdrop! Yes, you should ‘milk it’ that you are right here on one of the most admirable harbours in the world!

3. Queens Beach – Vaucluse

I must say this beach is the royalty of all sunset views in Sydney! The first evening I discovered this jewel location it took my breath away and it felt like I was so far from Sydney amongst the calmness of it all, yet the city was almost at my fingertips. Do not miss out on the magical sunset from this view point, again this is also part of the Hermitage Foreshore Walk – so spend your day at Milk Beach and then walk that little bit further to Queens Beach; also another a little tip – bring a picnic with you to watch the sun setting and just unwind listening to the waves, watching the seagulls soar and take it all in!

4. Lady Robinsons Beach – St. George

Of course, to cover all sides of the bridge, venturing down south towards Brighton-le-Sands this beach stretches far and wide and is apparently Sydney’s longest beach which I didn’t know when I was there! You may be familiar with Kyeemagh area; this is where we found parking and happened to stroll upon this seashore. This reminded me a little bit of the West Coast – with the clear blue waters and whiter sand than usual in comparison to the beaches further North. Walking along this beach you will find Doll’s Point and Brighton-le-Sands wharf also which will take you the length of the pristine coastline.

5. Seven Shillings Beach - Woollahra

Once again this is a beach to be discovered along a glorious walk close to Double Bay and Point Piper. Hidden down the end of residential cul-de-sac this is easily missed! However, if you keep walking down the steps you will be greeted by an amazing view of yachts and the Harbour Bridge from afar as you step onto the sand. This was originally called Blackburn Cove and is it in fact just to the right of what many of you know as Redleaf Pool. When you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Redleaf pool during the summer months venture over to this area to appreciate more of the Eastern Suburbs!

As summer is in the air, along with Bondi and Coogee being paid a visit for many Sydney-siders, hopefully some of these have provided some inspiration to venture somewhere different off the beaten track and explore more of what Sydney has to offer.

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